Skill Set Name: Mobile Backend

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Javascript for Node.js I

Understanding Javascript syntax

  • Javascript Syntax
    • Data type
    • Variable scope
    • Closure
    • Hoisting
    • This
    • Prototype
    • First-class Object
Network Server Pattern I

Understanding network server pattern

  •  Sync / Async
  • Blocking / Non-Blocking
  • Dispatcher – Reactor, Proactor
Node.js Basics I

 Understanding node.js basics

  •  Architecture and how node.js works
  • Installation(npm), basic server
  • Modules
Build a Restful API using Node.js I

 Understanding and practicing Restful API developments

  •  Deploying a Node.js Http server for practice
  • Developing a Restful service using NEDB
Restful integrated Mongo DB I

 Understanding and practicing Restful integrated Mongo

  •  Installation of Mongo DB
  • Restful Service base on Mongo DB
    • Developing Image upload
    • Developing File download
Express II

 Understanding and practicing Express

  • Build a Node.js Restful API server using Express
Advanced Node.js II

 Understanding advanced Node.js

  •  Callback(Async processing) issues
    • Workaround issues
  • Enhancement performance
    • Clustering configuration
  • Zero Downtime Server
    • Forever, pm2
Build a Push server using MQTT II

 Understanding MQTT

  • Developing Push server using MQTT
Build a Log-in server using Node.js II

 Understanding and practicing Log-in server

  • Redis
  • Log-in process
  • Log-in implementation
  • Cookie, session
  • JWT(json web token)