Skill Set Name: Android Programming Basics

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Android overview, Eclipse and Emulator I

Understanding how Android works

  • Overview and history of Android
    • Framework Architecture overview
    • Mechanism
    • Key Components
    • Control and Composite features
  • Preparation an IDE(Eclipse)
    • Install and Configuration the plug-in
  • Preparation a Simulator(Genymotion)
    • How to use emulator


Introduction of Android Layout, View I

Understanding and practicing Layout, and View

  • Layout, View
  • Logcat, Toast
  • Handling the widget
    • Figure, Padding, Margin
    • Botton, ImageBotton, TextView, EditText, ImageView


Linear Layout I

Understanding and practicing Linear Layout

  • Layout(Linear Layout)
    • Orientation, Weight, Gravity
  • Practicing an equal rainbow textview
    • Drawing the display using Padding, Weight, Gravity
Messaging using Intend The basic of List, Adaptor I

Understanding and Practicing Intend, List, and Adaptor 

  • Compositing an Activity
  • Calling to activity using Intent
  • Simple list item
  • Practicing the Adapter
  • Loading an image from Asset
  • Loading an image from List
Advanced of List, Adaptor I

Understanding and Practicing List

  • Handling List in detail
    • Check list/Two line
    • Single choice/ Multiple choice
  • Creating custom adapters for communication with above Lists
Database II

Understanding and Practicing Database programming

  • Introducing NEXTgram Architecture
  • Installation of SQLite Debugger
  • DAO Class
  • CRUD using SQLite
  • Cursor and Try-Catch
  • Practicing the JSON Parsing
  • Inserting a JSON data into DB
  • Creating custom adapters for communication with DB
  • Interface the List and Activity
Networking II

Understanding and Practicing Android network programming

  • The overview and history of Android network programming
    • JSON Communication
    • Shared Preference(IP Configuration Part)
    • Proxy Pattern
    • HttpURLConnection
    • Android. Permission
  • Thread programming
    • Shared Preference(IP Sharing Part)
    • Async Task
  • Practicing of building a network App
    • File Download and Output Stream
    • Replacing the image of asset to filedownload
    • Intent Communication, StartActivityForResult
    • OutofMemory
    • Dalvik Architecture
    • Integration with album
    • Progress Dialog
  • Introduction of Android lifecycle
ActionBar II

Understanding ActionBar, Side Navigation

  • ActionBar compat
  • ActionBar
  • How to build Side Navigation
Release Engineering II

Understanding Release engineering and analysis methods

  • Trello + Github Integration Guide
  • How to use crash reports(UrQA, Bugsense)
  • TDD(Robotium, MonkeyRunner)
  • Introduction of project static analysis method
    • Architecture, Naming Convention, Monitoring
Build a Restful Android Apps with Sync Feature II

Practicing Restful apps with syncs feature

  • Publisher-Subscriber Pattern
  • Introduction of App Architecture for sync services
  • Contents Provider
  • Cursor Adapter
  • Create the sync using BR, Service
  • getContentsResover().notifychange()
  • Loader
  • Multi Language Process (message on GMT)
  • Create the Push Service using GCM
Profiling II

Profiling the App (heap, CPU Usage, latency of network, battery) for enhancement performance

  • DDMS
  • TraceView
  • Dmtracedump
  • MemoryUsage
  • How to use the Cerberus Open Source
How Garbage Collection works II

Understanding how Garbage Collection works

  • How Dalvik Garbage Collection works
  • Comparison of  Strong Ref, Weak Ref, Phantom ref
    • features, Use
Framework Description (Optional) II

Understanding release engineering and analysis methods 

  • Binder (Broker) Architecture ( Advanced, Intermediate )
  • Broker/Binder Programming
  • Intent
  • Intent filter and Android Manifest use
Build a Restful Android Server II

Practicing Restful Android Server


  • Build a Restful Server on android
  • Use a Dispatcher of Software Architecture
  • Creating a JSON, XML, Sync/Async endpoint
  • Replacing an Event Handler to Broadcast Receiver
Android Reversing II

Understanding DEX, reversing and production environment

  • DEX Architecture
  • Reversing Process
  • Understanding of Android App works on production environment