Skill Set Name: C

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The basics of C I

Knowing the basic of C and its history.

  • Introduction history and features of C language
  • Comparison of C with other languages
  • Development cases using C
  • Flow of operations
  • C-based program development procedure
    •  Creation by an editor to compilation and execution of a program
    •  gcc command line basic options
      •  -o, -c, -l
    •  Basic concept of optimizations
      •   On
Fundamental structure of C I

Understanding elements of fundamental structure.

The basics of C
  • Configuration of programs, and basic grammar
  • Derectives and preprocessor
  • Basic elements of C programs
    • Variables
    • Data types
    • Operators
    • Control flow statements
    • Branch with condition.
    • Loop
    • Prototype definitions.
    • Character string operation
    • Array
    • Functions
    • Pointers
    • Structures
    • Input and output
Concept of data structures I

Understanding outline, definition, and usage of some data structures.

  • Linear lists
  • Trees
  • Stacks
  • Queues
  • Hash
  • Other elements of an ordinary data structure.
Usage of data structures I

Understanding usage of data structures.

Concept of data structures
  • Relation between memory management and data structure.
  • Typical algorithms by applying a data structure.
Library I Fundamental structure of C
  • Understanding the concept of library and using library options in GNU loader
    •  static library
    •  shared dynamic library
  • Understanding the operation library manage RDC
    •  The ar command
    •  System library management
Portable C programming III

Understanding C program’s portability, dependency, using of standard, etc...

  • Portability
  • Dependency by library version
  • Use of standard
    •  POSIX and gcc
    •  LSB(Linux Standard Base)
      •  Test suites
  • Dependency by compiler
  • gcc extension



Understanding concept of I18N and usage of locale, Multibyte character, etc...

  • Locale
  • Character set
    •  Unicode, EUC-KR, GB, JIS, etc…
  • Multibyte character
  • Wide character
  • Multibyte support extension of C functions
  • GNU gettext
  • Iconv
Checks and tests II

Understanding checks and tests C program.

  • Internal checks of variables.
    •  Argument check
    •  Null check
  • Program for test case
  • Compile with symbol
  • Debug
  • Memory check tool and library
    •  Valgrind
  • Electric fence