Security Concern

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Understanding the typical security issues in OS and the tools or security power commands to supervise the security conditions in Linux and how to improve the security condition.

  • Understanding the security issues in OS and more appropriately, in Linux
  • Understanding how security is compromised
    • Social engineering
    • Software vulnerabilities
    • Configuration errors
  • Understanding the roles of certifications and standards
  • Understanding some security tips and philosophy
  • Familiar with security power commands and tools
    • Nmap: scan network ports
    • Nessus: next generation network scanner
    • John the Ripper: find insecure passwords
    • Hosts_access: host access control
    • Samhain: host-based intrusion detection
    • Security-enhanced Linux(SELinux)
  • Knowing cryptographic security tools
  • Understanding the roles of firewalls
  • Knowing what to do when your site has been attacked