The backup in Routine Jobs

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Understanding the importance of backup in routine job and how to deal with the backup.

  • Understanding the importance of backups
  • Familiar with backup devices and medias
    • Optical media: CD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, and DVD-RAM
    • Removable hard disks(USB and FireWire)
    • Small tape drives: 8mm and DDS/DAT
    • DLT/S-DLT
    • AIT and SAIT
    • Hard disks
  • Understanding how to set up incremental backups regime with dump
  • Knowing how to restore from dumps with restore
  • Knowing how to dump and restore for upgrades
  • Knowing how to use other archiving programs
    • tar: package files
    • cpio: archiving utility from ancient times
    • dd: twiddle bits
  • Familiar with some commercial backup products