Basic Network Management

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Understanding the basics of Internet and TCP/IP protocol stack. Understanding how to view and configure the Linux network devices and accumulate information about current network statistics.

  • Understanding the basics of security issues
    • IP forwarding
    • ICMP redirects
    • Source routing
    • IP spoofing
    • Host-based firewalls
    • VPN: virtual private networks
  • Understanding the Linux NAT
  • Understanding the basics of PPP: the Point-to-Point Protocol
  • Virtual IP Interfaces
  • Enabling IPv6
  • Understanding the basic configurations of network
    • Ifconfig: configure network interfaces
    • Mii-tool: configure autonegotiation and other media-specific options
    • Route: configure static routes
    • DNS configuration
    • The Linux networking stack
  • Familiar with the Network Hardware and configurations
    • Ethernet, Wireless, FDDI, ATM, ISDN, DSL and cable modems…
  • Understanding the concept of the DNS: the domain name system
  • Knowing the history of DNS
  • Understanding the DNS namespace
  • Understanding how DNS works