User and Authority Management

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Understanding the concept of user and authority of an OS and knowing the relevant commands. Familiar with some files that deal with these issues.

  • Understanding concept of ownership of files and processes
  • Understanding the basics of rootly powers and the roles of superuser
  • Understanding the methods of changing user roles
    • Su: substitute user identity
    • Sudo: a limited su
  • Knowing how to choosing a root password
  • Understanding the concept of adding new users
  • Familiar with the /etc/passwd file
  • Familiar with the /etc/shadow file
  • Familiar with the /etc/group file
  • Understanding the steps of adding new users
    • Editing the password and shadow files
    • Editing the /etc/group file
    • Setting an initial password
    • Creating the user’s home directory
    • Copying in the default startup files
    • Setting the user’s mail home
    • Verifying the new login
    • Recording the user’s status and contract information
  • Understanding the basics of removing users
  • Knowing how to disable logins and manage accounts