File System Management

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Understanding the principle of the work of file system and typical types of file and file system. Familiar with methods to control and manage Linux file system.

  • Understanding the basics of File system mounting and unmounting
  • Understanding the concept of pathnames
  • Understanding the organization of the file tree
  • Knowing different file system
    • Samba
    • NT
  • Familiar with file types
    • Regular files
    • Directories
    • Character and block device files
    • Local domain sockets
    • Named pipes
    • Symbolic links
  • Familiar with file attributes
    • The permission bits
    • The setuid and setgid bits
    • The sticky bit
    • Viewing file attributes
    • Chmod: change permissions
    • Chown: change ownership and group
    • Umask: assign default permissions
  • Understanding the access control lists(ACL)