Markup Language for Web Programming

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Present the basic Language for Web programming. Describe Web programming using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and XML.

  • HTML Programming
    • Basic HTML Structure
    • Head, Body, Fonts, Text, Lists, Tables
    •  Link, Object, Frame,
    • Intrinsic events
  • Making CSS (Cascading Stylesheet) and Adaptation
    • Introduce CSS
    • Selectors, Cascading, Box Model
    • Visual Rendering Model, Visual Rendering Model Details, Colors and Backgrounds
    • Fonts, Text, Lists, Tables
  • JavaScript Programming
    • Introduce JavaScript
    • Different of JAVA and JavaScript
    • Tag, Variable, Function, Objects, Events
    • Using Objects, Input Forms, Frames
    • Stylesheet and layers
    • Accessing DOM
  • XML Programming
    • Introduce XML (eXtended Markup Language)
    • XML Basic – Structure, Elements, Attribute, Processing Instruction, Entity, Comments
    • XML & DTD
    • XSL & XML
    • XML in Database – XML/IIS, URL Query, Template file, XDR, XPath


THere is not good for refer

THere is not good for refer 'fonts' in HTML programming, because Font should be handled by CSS. It is same on 'Table' table should be handled by CSS and "DIV""SPAN"tags.