Understanding Web architecture and Web 2.0 technology

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Describe the Web architecture overview and Web 2.0 trends. Also explain the social Web and Web 2.0 related components.

  • Web architecture overview
    •  Base Technology in the Web 1.0 era
    •  Basic Protocol for Web – HTTP/HTTPS, DNS Protocol
    •  CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Overview
  • Markup Language overview for Web Programming
    •   HTML
    •   XML
    •   CSS
  • Script Language overview for Web Programming
    •  Perl
    •  PHP
    •  Python
    •  Ruby
    •  JavaScript
  • Introduction to Web 2.0:
    • Web 2.0 trends overview
    • Social Web
    •  Folksnomy & Tagging
    •  Mashup
    • RSS and Atom
    • Google map API (Geospatial Web)
    • Semantic Web
    • Blog



As a basic protocol for web,

As a basic protocol for web, it introduce for HTTP/HTTPS and DNS.
Because DNS is not only for web ,
 it should be 'HTTP/HTTPS and URL(URI, URN)'

(*)  in XML topic
there is a description of URL Query but there is no description of URL

In Next topic's Markup Language there is better to change to "HTML/XHTML"

It is better that include Ajax in Web 2.0 topic